Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Shooting away at the Beach

Travelled to Chennai a few weeks back and used the opportunity to click pictures at the beach. It’s not been raining but the sky has been cloudy most of the time. From where I stayed the beach was only 5 km away. The plan was to capture some long exposure shots as well as try to click different composition with the rocks on the beach. One thing I have learnt over last few months is using the camera in Manual mode provides most flexibility – and this situation was no different.
First time I went there it was in the evening, and got very dark because of clouds. I had not been able to carry my tripod from Pune so kept the camera on the boats to make it steady. I wanted to keep the shutter speed around 20-30s, aperture around f/8-f/13 and minimum ISO (100). It was too dark so had to use f/6.3. 
17mm | ISO 100 | f/6.3 | 30s
 I was hoping to click towards the sea (east) and include clouds with rays during sunset but the horizon had heavy cloud cover most of the time. Decided to go to the beach the next weekend for some sunrise shots. Yellows from the sun light provided quite a contrast with the bluish cloud. I used a very low stool (4 inches) to rest my camera and had to keep a close eye on the waves after pressing the shutter to save my camera from getting wet.
17mm | ISO 100 | f/8 | 25s
 I was a bit late reaching the beach on this one, there was too much light so couldn’t go for slower shutter speeds. A Graduated Neutral Density Filter (GND) is a must in such situations as the sky would be overexposed in most cases if you want to expose the foreground correctly. I did not have the filter so have used the Graduated Filter tool in Lightroom during post processing. I quite liked the colors and the wave splashing from one of the big rocks. This was shot handheld (Lens stabilizer ON), again keeping the camera very close to the ground. 
21mm | ISO 100 | f/13 | 1/25s